16.5" Slick Front

Soft Compound Supermoto Race Tyre

Goldspeed Supermoto Tyre

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For dry tarmac, slicks are always the right answer. These super sticky tyres produce levels of grip beyond mortal comprehension compared to the feedback from normal road tyres. Many riders choose a compound based on their experience at a particular venue, weather conditions (especially temperature) plus their own budget!

Goldspeed Slick tyres are made with a race compound designed for maximum racing grip not longevity. They are manufactured with compounds designed for competition and have aided many, many race and championship wins as a result. Check each tyre's specific technical data shown on the Specification Tab and visit our Supermoto Tech page for information on chain clearance and tyre choices

    • TAP
  • Manufacturer
  • Road Legal (ECE-R75 Coding)
  • Road Legal (USA-DOT Coding)
  • Product Design Intent
  • Wheel Diameter (inches)
  • Normal Rim Size (inches)
    3.0 to 3.5
  • Normal Inflation (BAR)
    1.65 - 1.93
  • Normal Inflation (PSI)
    24 - 28
  • Tyre Size Metric
    125/80 R420
  • Compound Rating

Every Goldspeed (Maxxis) Supermoto tyre has a 'Direction Of Rotation' arrow clearly shown on the sidewall

Goldspeed Supermoto DOR