16.5" Wet Front

Soft Compound Supermoto Road Legal Race Tyre

Goldspeed Supermoto Tyre

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For cold and soaking conditions, there is really only one choice; Wets. These super sticky compound tyres cut through water as if it doesn't exist and give you maximum confidence in otherwise daunting conditions. Many riders also use wet tyres on dry, cold winter days as they retain heat effectively offering extra 'bite' in these conditions. Goldspeed Wet tyres are made with an Ultra Soft race compound designed for maximum grip not longevity

Some road riders using the less common size 16.5" front wheel, use this particular Goldspeed Road Legal Wet front tyre and run it with a more conventional rear tyre because they prefer lots of feedback / extra grip on the front... This type of different tyre combination is a historic Supermoto favourite (see Fitted Images tab)

Goldspeed Wet tyres are manufactured with a specific race compound for competition but are suitable for road use as you can see above. Check each tyre's specific technical data shown on the Specification Tab and visit our Supermoto Tech page for information on chain clearance and tyre choices

    • TAP
  • Manufacturer
  • Road Legal (ECE-R75 Coding)
  • Road Legal (USA-DOT Coding)
  • Product Design Intent
  • Wheel Diameter (inches)
  • Normal Rim Size (inches)
    3.0 to 3.5
  • Normal Inflation (BAR)
    1.65 - 1.93
  • Normal Inflation (PSI)
    24 - 28
  • Tyre Size Metric
    125/80 R420
  • Compound Rating

Every Goldspeed Supermoto tyre has a 'Direction Of Rotation' arrow clearly shown on the sidewall

Goldspeed Supermoto DOR

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Triple A Racing | AAA Racting | Goldspeed 16.5 Front Wet