Here's some background information about the team here at AAA Racing / Triple A Racing. For more information about online shopping with us, please visit our Information page

Members of our team made lots of preparations late in 2002 and then launched Triple A Racing at the start of 2003. Product distribution plus the promotion and organisation of sporting events are our main focus. It seems a long time ago now, but we agreed exclusive distribution deals for Goldspeed Supermoto Tyres and Maxxis DTR1 Tyres from day one, which we have maintained ever since (although Goldspeed Have now ceased production sadly...) Normally we are promoting events (not ourselves or our store) because obviously... we prefer the really exciting stuff!

Over time we have distributed many niche products; including all different kinds of Goldspeed supermoto wheels made from steel, steel/aluminium, all aluminium and even full 100% carbon! Plus other trick items such as Moto Master brakes, SP Electronics quick shift kits, Goldspeed tyre warmers, Supermoto magazines and Supermoto race wear too...

Look closely and you'll see our original Triple A Racing logo below and also regularly on here ...but don't mention Dad's Army okay?? We're still proud of it today, but following our 2009 switch from Triple A Racing to AAA Racing (actually made for speed and accuracy when typing...) it evolved into our new logo. Fortunately, both sound exactly the same when talking!

Some of the sporting events that members of our team have been involved with include;

Supermoto: 2001, 2002 & 2003 European Supermoto Championship - Press Office, 2003 British Superprix - Promotion and Organisation, 2004 Winter Series - Promotion and Organisation, 2005 Super Seven Series - Promotion and Organisation, 2005 Motard Masters - Promotion and Organisation, 2006 Moto GB Series - Promotion and Organisation, 2006 Norasport - Series Organisation, 2007 Norasport - Organisation plus the 2007 British Supermoto Championship - Promotion and Organisation

Flat Track: 2005 - 2021 UK Championship - Continual Support, plus Various 2009 - 2012 Innovative Indoor Flat Track Events - Support

SuperEnduro: 2013 UK Round - SuperEnduro (Indoor) World Championship. Liverpool Echo Arena - Promotion and Organisation

Individual Rider Support: We've supported many riders in different sports including UK Riders and Foreign riders too. They have all managed to repay us with many fantastic race wins and National Championship wins too. Thanks very much for all those results guys, you all know who you are!

Here's questions that we regularly get asked:

Q Why don't you answer the phone at weekends?

A Well we are human (!) We prefer being at events at weekends if we can

Q If I have a question at weekend or at night, what should I do?

A You can Contact Us at any time and we'll provide a swift response from there

Q So I can still make an order at weekends or at night then?

A Yes. Our online store is usually available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Q Why can't I find you anywhere on Facebook / Pinterest or on any apps like these?

A Currently, we've chosen not to be on those you mention, but you can find us on both Twitter and Youtube (Google+)

Q Why can't I back it in like Flat Track Stars Aidan Collins and Alan Birtwistle or Supermoto Stars like Thierry Van Den Bosch and Christian Iddon?

A Hahaha! Sorry but we don't stock talent like that for online purchases - It's just a natural thing!

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