DTR1 CD5 Rear

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Flat Track (Road Legal) Race Tyre

Maxxis DTR1 Flat Track Tyre

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Our Specification Tab shows full tyre technical data

Maxxis DTR1's are specifically designed for Flat Track racing, but also have a ECE-R75 (E4) stamp and are 100% road legal. AAA Racing supply two different compounds; CD3 Soft & CD5 Medium. Thanks to their road legal certification, DTR1's are now a very popular choice on road bikes that are running 19" wheels as well as on Flat Track race bikes

After reading the information shown on our Specification Tab, visit our Flat Track Tech page, for more information about rim sizes and tyre customisation. For racing purposes, the tread pattern can be changed to meet every rider's specific needs, providing superb traction and stability on any kind of race track

  • Manufacturer
  • Road Legal (ECE-R75 Coding)
  • Road Legal (USA-DOT Coding)
  • Product Design Intent
  • Wheel Diameter (inches)
  • Normal Rim Size (inches)
  • Normal Inflation (PSI)
    16 - 36
  • Tyre Size Metric
    140/80 x 19
  • Tyre Size Imperial
    27.5-7.5 x 19
  • Compound Rating
  • Load Speed Rating
    71H TT
  • Overall Diameter (inches)
  • Section Width (inches)
  • Tread Depth (inches)

Every Maxxis DTR1 has a 'Direction Of Rotation' arrow clearly shown on the sidewall of the tyre

Maxxis DTR1 Flat Track Tyre DOR

As and when we source them, we'll add new images showing DTR1 tyres (already fitted) to this page

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