Pre-Cut Slick Front

Soft Compound Supermoto Road Legal Race Tyre

Goldspeed Supermoto Tyre

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Goldspeed Pre Cut Slicks offer the best possible dry tarmac grip, especially when extra grip is required for the odd damp patch or that tricky off-road section, even more amazing is that these tyres are completely road legal! Perfect for Supermoto track days and fast Sunday afternoon's! With proven race-winning pedigree, Goldspeed Pre-Cut Slicks offer the re-assuring knowledge that the only limit to your cornering speed is in your head!

Check the specific technical data shown on the Specification Tab and visit our Supermoto Tech page for information on chain clearance and tyre choices

Note: There is a choice of two different Goldspeed Pre-Cut Slick front tyres. The 120/70 x 17 size tyre (this one) is a variation on the original 120/80 x 17 Goldspeed Pre-Cut Slick design (aimed at 16.5" race tyre emulation) and is specifically produced for use where there are limiting National Laws in force connected to OE tyre size variations and consequential insurance cover. This is NOT the case for the UK & EIRE but in other countries, you should check in advance. Based firmly on your own choice, you can use either front tyre in the UK & EIRE (any many other countries) without any problems

    • TAP
  • Manufacturer
  • Road Legal (ECE-R75 Coding)
  • Road Legal (USA-DOT Coding)
  • Product Design Intent
  • Wheel Diameter (inches)
  • Normal Rim Size (inches)
    3.0 to 3.5
  • Normal Inflation (BAR)
    1.65 - 1.93
  • Normal Inflation (PSI)
    24 - 28
  • Tyre Size Metric
    120/70 x 17
  • Compound Rating

Every Goldspeed Supermoto tyre has a 'Direction Of Rotation' arrow clearly shown on the sidewall

Goldspeed Supermoto DOR

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