Q How are shipping charges calculated?

A Shipping charges are calculated by weight, volume and distance. In addition to these criteria, other factors are also included where appropriate e.g. ferry costs to islands etc. As a result, shipments to Mainland UK are the cheapest, whilst shipments to Northern Ireland and other offshore locations e.g. Isle of Man are more expensive. Once you have registered on the site, shipping charges are automatically calculated from the delivery address specified in your order. For specific UK guidance, have a look at our example UK shipping charges for tyres shown at the bottom of this page ***

Shipping charges are calculated up to certain weight limit breakpoints, so you may find that the cost is no more expensive for 4 tyres than it is for 1 tyre - useful if you and a friend combine orders and submit them as one single shipment - you'll each save money!

Tyres because of their size, are unfortunately subject to the 'Dimensional Weight' calculation (a UPS example is shown) when they are transported by couriers, especially when sent via Air Freight - If bikes all ran 8" diameter wheels, it would all be a lot cheaper!

Q Does somebody actually need to be there to sign for the delivery?

A Yes! To make this as easy as possible, we can deliver to any address of your choice. For example; your own home or any other residential address. A member of your family, one of your friends or your neighbour's address maybe? (assuming you are friends with them!) Of course we can deliver to any commercial address too. For example; where you work or where a member of your family or one of your friends works. In every case, ensure that if the delivery address is different from your own, somebody will be there to sign! Inside the garden shed or behind the dog kennel etc doesn't count...

Q I notice you normally use big courier companies, can't you use a smaller one to make the delivery costs cheaper?

A Yes we could. However by using the bigger, more capable and reliable courier companies, we ensure a great level of customer service, which we think, is more important for our customers long term than saving the odd fiver

Q Can I track my order on-line once it's shipped out to me?

A Yes you can, but not all of our couriers offer this, so it may not apply to every order that we dispatch. If you want more details, simply Contact Us

Q I live in the Channel Islands, will my order be priced without VAT because it shouldn't apply here?

A Yes of course. Provided the delivery address is in the Channel Islands, the VAT will be deducted from your order automatically. You will see this before you need to submit any form of payment

Q I live outside the UK, will VAT apply to my order?

A Slightly tricky to give a short answer to this one as there are quite a few variables. Generally speaking, all true export orders (i.e. orders to countries outside the EU) will not be subject to VAT. If you are a private individual living outside the UK, then once you register and provide your full delivery address, you'll immediately see if VAT applies to your order. If you want to place an order from a business that is registered for VAT, in a country outside the UK, but still located within the EU and therefore, you don't wish to pay VAT on your order (...we did say it was tricky...) then please Contact Us before you submit an order, as we'll need to verify all your business details here well in advance of you sending us an order to do this

Q I live in a country which is shown on your registration form, but the shipping cost hasn't come up automatically at checkout. How do I find the actual cost for a shipment direct to me?

A Simply Contact Us with your prospective order details, full delivery address and postcode and we'll be able to provide the shipping cost to your location. For Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA, long distance air-freight charges change frequently, so we will always ask you to do this. If the shipping cost is good for you, then once we set this up, you'll then be able to order online without any problems

Q I live in a country which is not shown on your registration form. Can I still order from you?

A Yes you can but Contact Us first, with your prospective order details, your full delivery address (including country and postcode) and we'll provide a specific shipping cost direct to you. If the shipping cost is good for you, then once we set this up, you'll then be able to order online without problems

Q I live outside the UK. Are there any problems when using any of my cards for a UK purchase?

A In some countries (especially the USA & Australia) you may need to advise your card supplier in advance. This is because card companies may decline transactions until they are verified by the card holder. This is not usually because of any credit issues, but mainly because they may see it as a change in spending patterns and therefore additional security is then applied. So do check with them before you order please!

Q All this is great, but I actually live in Manchester, UK! Can't I just collect my order instead, so I can save the shipping cost?

A Sure. No problem. Please Contact Us in advance, so that we can make arrangements with you

Q I have ordered race tyres, can I collect these at a race meeting to save on carriage charges too?

A Sure, that's no problem either, assuming we are going to that particular meeting! Just Contact Us to check in advance

*** Examples of UK Shipping charges for tyres, sent via secure couriers are shown below

  • All Mainland UK (Except Scottish Highlands)
    • 1 to 4 tyres is £12 including VAT
    • 5 to 10 tyres is £24 including VAT
    • More than 10 tyres? Please Contact Us
  • Aberdeenshire, Highlands, Moray (Scottish Highlands)
    • 1 to 4 tyres is £20 including VAT
  • Northern Island
    • 1 to 4 tyres is £24 including VAT
  • Isle Of Wight, Scilly Isles, Orkney, Shetland & Western Islands, Isle Of Man
    • 1 to 4 tyres is £24 including VAT
  • Channel Islands
    • 1 to 4 tyres is £35 net. No VAT payable
  • Collection (any number of tyres)

Note: In all cases, deliveries must be signed for; they cannot just be '...left in the shed...' unfortunately. Within the UK, delivery time is usually within 3 working days, which are Monday to Friday. Weekends and/or UK Bank Holidays are not classed as working days