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Medium Compound Supermoto Road Legal Tyre

Goldspeed Supermoto Tyre

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Our Specification Tab shows full tyre technical data

Goldspeed Street Sport Ultras, offer a superb choice for road riders in all weathers. Amazing grip allied to high cornering and braking levels result in a great all round road / sports performance Supermoto tyre. You can read the original Supermoto Magazine International independent test from when they were launched (back in 2008) right here

Goldspeed Street Sport Ultras are manufactured with a race developed compound but are specifically designed for road use. Check each tyre's specific technical data shown on the Specification Tab and visit our Supermoto Tech page for information on chain clearance and tyre choices

    • TAP
  • Manufacturer
  • Road Legal (ECE-R75 Coding)
  • Road Legal (USA-DOT Coding)
  • Product Design Intent
  • Wheel Diameter (inches)
  • Normal Rim Size (inches)
    3.0 to 3.5
  • Normal Inflation (BAR)
    1.65 - 1.93
  • Normal Inflation (PSI)
    24 - 28
  • Tyre Size Metric
    120/70 x 17
  • Compound Rating

Every Goldspeed Supermoto tyre has a 'Direction Of Rotation' arrow clearly shown on the sidewall

Goldspeed Supermoto DOR

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Goldspeed Street Sport Ultras

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Goldspeed Street Sport Ultras